Finding A Checking Account With A Good Rate

There are several things you need to know the looking into online checking accounts. A good checking account can provide many benefits as long as you find one with a good checking account rate. The more money you deposit into the checking account directly contributes to the higher percentage rate. Even one percentage point can make a difference of thousands of dollars over the course of several years.

Before you start your online search for a checking account it is in your best interest to keep in mind that not all businesses online are trustworthy. When you’re dealing with your money and your life-savings it is extremely important to be very careful. Make sure that each company that you are interested in has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.

You can start your search by simply typing “excellent rates for online checking accounts” into your search engine. This will give you a list of companies and their available rates. It will also give you their contact information. Be sure to keep a notepad on your desk to write down the bank’s name, contact information, and percentage rate for the amount that you are planning to deposit. This is the most time consuming part of your task. When you’ve completed your task you will have a list of banks, their contact information and percentage rates.

Contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding each bank on the list will allow you to narrow down your choices. Make a primary call to each bank setting up an appointment to speak with the person that could possibly be your new account manager. When you speak with the new account manager ask any questions that you may have about the bank itself, percentage rates, and other financial products that may be available for you. This will allow you to better evaluate the account manager and the financial institution.

Do not be afraid to provide a little competition. Explain that you have been offered one point higher at a competing bank and asked if they would could either match or beat that percentage. Remember that finding the perfect bank for you is definitely worth the time taken to do the research. It is a quick process as long as you are organized and detail oriented. This is your money that you have worked very hard for so it is important to know exactly who is handling your money and what they are doing with it. In the end the idea is to make your money work for you. With a good checking account rate, the more money you can make.

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