Common Questions Asked During A Home Insurance Claim Evaluation

Home insurance quotes have become more available and affordable as they have moved to an online arena. In addition to offering a wider array of services from a broader set of companies, home insurance is becoming far easier to apply for and obtain, with some companies offering same-day binder policies to assist homeowners in getting things like mortgages finalized. However, while home insurance itself is becoming easier to obtain, the act of claiming damage on a home insurance claim remains the same-frightening to most clients. While there are a number of common claim questions that any homeowner should expect when filing a home insurance claim, many people become concerned that they are going to be trapped or misled by their company. Instead, it is crucial to remember that the company is doing what it can to assist a homeowner, within the guidelines set out by the policy purchased. Common claim questions such as the following are the norm.

First, a home insurance company will ask for a detailed listing of any items damaged in home. The company will already have an assessed value for the property, but it will need to know what exactly is being claimed as lost or damaged. Expect to be asked for proof that high-value items were in the home. This can take the form of original or photocopied receipts, but it is better to have a picture of the item in the home or a video, if possible. Also, expect to be asked questions about what was in the home several times and by several different agents. While the insurance company will not be out to “trick” clients, it will do its utmost to protect its resources and will be very particular about ensuring that it only pays for items that were damaged.

In addition to questions about property, expect questions about the homeowner’s action before the incident occurred. If items were stolen, questions will be asked about whether doors were locked or windows were left open. If a home was damaged by fire, home insurance companies will question what exactly led to the fire and attempt to determine if the owner could bear any fault. Do not be surprised by questions that seem direct or even aggressive. As part of their job, agents and adjustors must ensure that they are clear on exactly what precipitated a damaging event. If it can be proven that a homeowner should have done something to prevent the damage, the claim may be denied or reduced.

While home insurance quotes have become a far more reasonable proposition, these common claim questions should be expected, and the wrong answers can potentially derail a claims process.

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