How To Update Home Insurance Coverage With Home Maintenance Plans

Many homeowners don’t realize their home insurance coverage plan does not include repairs or replacements for household appliances. Oftentimes, a home insurance coverage plan will cover accidents in the event of fire, natural disaster and other events, but stops short of covering the cost of a new air conditioning system or the handyman who had to come and repair the dryer. Responsible homeowners should be aware of the home insurance coverage that they have purchased-including reading the fine print-and should also consider a home maintenance plan.

A home maintenance plan allows homeowners to protect themselves against their home insurance coverage limitations, and will also save them plenty of money. If a household appliance breaks down due to normal wear and tear or appliance malfunction, your home insurance coverage plan should pay the cost of the repair or replacement of the appliance. But if the appliance breaks down due to lack of maintenance, rarely will home insurance cover it. So it is the best interest of the homeowner to keep a home maintenance plan.

A homeowner does not have to be a handyman or a jack of all trades to be able to maintain most appliances in the home. Here are some of the most common appliances and systems that should be on the top of every homeowner’s home maintenance check list.

Check the filters in the air conditioning system. Keep cool by cleaning and replacing every spring. Make sure the unit is kept in the shade and the air ducts are clear. For the heating system, it is important to check the filters approximately once a month during the cold season. Check to ensure the exhaust vent is clear. If there are problems with the heating system, check for blown fuses on the circuit breaker.

The electrical system should be checked often to ensure everything is in working order. Read the circuit breaker box for electricity flow. Make sure that the system is not being overworked with too many appliances.

For the plumbing system, some of the most important preventative measures are to maintain water softener levels, change water and ice filters regularly, and make sure that water valves are open and clear.

Easy fixes for the washer and dryer include cleaning the lint screen after each load, lightening the load or adjusting the load timer.

If any appliance maintenance instructions seem too complicated, it’s always best to contact a professional. And many homeowners are too busy to be able to monitor and maintain working order of the household. For homeowners who can’t keep up a home maintenance plan, it’s possible to expand your home insurance coverage to include home maintenance.

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