Common Perks Offered By Online Checking Accounts

In our fast-paced society, nothing is more valuable than time. Think about the time you spend at the bank – depositing checks, making changes to your account or paying your bills. How would you like to save this time and instead make money? It is easy with one of the many available online checking accounts. Unlike traditional checking accounts, online checking accounts are loaded with checking account perks that will make your financial life easier – leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

Online checking accounts are designed to be user-friendly and efficient. With the click of a mouse you can access your past statements, withdrawals and deposits. Additionally, online checking accounts offer convenient services such as online bill pay and direct deposit. Never again will you have to worry about running to the bank to pay the gas bill or deposit your paycheck.

Many checking account perks, such as free ATMS, limit you to specific locations or hours. However, many online checking accounts offer access to thousands of ATMs located across the nation, from Anchorage to New York. Additionally, online checking accounts offer online withdrawals and deposits, using the web or your cell phone.

When you switch to online checking accounts, you become the master of your financial future. Many online banks provide financial planning and assistance as one of their many checking account perks. Customers have access to a wide array of tools and calculators, from tips to improving their credit to detailed instructions for reaching their financial goals. Are you unsure about refinancing your mortgage? Consult one of the calculators or tip sheets offered by online checking accounts.

Even children can join in on the fun. Online checking accounts even offer educational resources so that you can help your kids understand the value of making sound financial decisions.

Some of the most rewarding online checking account perks are the many deals offered by online banks. Earn cash back with debit card purchases, enroll in a savings plan and win a cash prize or earn a new account bonus of $25, $50 or $100. Online banks value their customers and are constantly promoting great deals and bonuses. Some even offer interest, with APY ranging from .005 to 1.1 percent. These small rewards add up in the long run.

As your life gets busier – and more rewarding – consider switching to online checking accounts. With a variety of checking account perks such as transaction data, online bill pay, financial tools and rewards programs, online checking accounts make sense. Give yourself a break from micro-managing your checking account, and let your checking account perks do the work – open an online checking account today.

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