Alostar Bank of Commerce

AloStar Bank of Commerce offers AloStar bank accounts and online banking services nationwide. The AloStar Bank's commercial office is located in Atlanta and its headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Checking and Savings AloStar Bank accounts are insured by the FDIC.

AloStar Bank of Commerce offers in-person and online banking solutions to individuals. When visiting AloStar's website, account holders can access the banking center, lending center and investment center. Each of the three centers is dedicated to a different banking service. People who access the banking center will be able to monitor their accounts online, take a look at check images, access all of their online statements, monitor account activity, pay bills and take advantage of express deposit.

Individuals who use the Lending Center can apply for an overdraft line of credit. By applying for overdraft coverage many consumers save a tremendous amount of money on overdraft fees. Individuals can apply for a variety of other loans directly from the left sidebar of AloStar Bank's website.

AloStar Bank of Commerce also has an investment center where visitors and account holders can learn all about money market advantage, money market and business money market accounts. In addition, visitors and account holders can also learn about specific interest rates and features of Individual Retirement Accounts CD accounts and all the various interest rates for various Certificate of Deposit Accounts.

Individuals in need of an account or loan can apply for a wide-range of accounts and loans directly online. By accessing a drop-down box on the left sidebar of AloStar's website, individuals who would like to open an account or apply for a loan can do so. Individuals can open a interest-bearing checking account, money marketing Advantages account, a IRA, personal checking or savings account, a Certificate of Deposition, a Money Market Account, a Home Equity Line of Credit and a Home Equity Loan.

In addition to all the personal banking options, business owners can choose from a variety of business solutions. Business owners can apply for a business money market and non-personal CD account.

Individuals and business owner with specific questions can read a list of frequently asked questions and answers. In addition, individuals and business owners can read information related to Consumer Awareness. Account holders and visitors should take the time to read the information posted under the Consumer Awareness link. AloStar has also posted a list of useful banking definitions that make understanding the banking industry much easier.

By opening one or more Alostar Bank accounts or by applying for a loan, account holders can take advantage of all the benefits of being an Alostar Bank of Commerce account holder.

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