Amegy Bank

With over 80 locations throughout the state of Texas, Amegy Bank is a notable financial institution both online and offline. Amegy Bank services are popular due to the bank's community-driven approach, its focus on private and public Texas businesses of all sizes and the range of banking services offered by Amegy. The bank has assets of more than $11 billion, making it one of the fastest growing banks in Texas and therefore one of the fastest growing regional banks in the entire United States.

Amegy Bank services are varied and include many common financial products for both individuals and businesses from credit cards to employee payroll management. Amegy offers personal and business loans, including mortgages. It was recognized as the top small business lender in the Houston area by the Houston Association of Government Guaranteed Leaders in 2010 for its small business loans, as the bank's small business loans fare well when compared to larger banks' interest rates and fees. Other Amegy banking services include investment products such as IRAs, SEPs, mutual funds, and 401(k)s. Treasury and wealth management, business and commercial banking, and real estate services are also available through Amegy. Specializations include private individual and small business banking services, although Amegy notes on its website that its services are not limited to a particular type of client and that businesses of all sizes can benefit from its services. Its online banking services are notable, particularly on the business side. Businesses can set up automatic electronic statements, tax payments, direct deposit arrangements for employee payroll and much more. On the personal banking side, individuals can set up bill payments online, check balances, and manage investment accounts.

Amegy uses "relationship banking" to find and keep new customers. This concept involves developing a relationship with customers to make banking simpler and more efficient. Several relationship banking products are available through Amegy, including personal checking accounts with better-than-average rates and other benefits that would not otherwise be attainable.

Although Amegy is a relatively young bank, it has a strong financial history. It was established as the Northwest Crossing National Bank in 1989, and the bank changed its name during its subsequent expansion in the early 1990s, becoming the Southwest Bank of Texas. The Southwest Bank of Texas went public in 1997 and changed its name again to Amegy Bank in 2005. Amegy merged with Intercontinental National Bank in 2007. It is now headquartered in Houston, Texas. Amegy's financial product offerings, its focus on relationship banking and its superior backing thanks to its affiliation with Intercontinental National Bank makes it a notable provider of banking services throughout the state of Texas.

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