Aurora Bank

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Aurora Bank has provided banking services for over 85 years. Although many of the bank's customers use physical offices in Indiana, California, and Delaware and in many other states, the various investment and savings accounts available through Aurora Bank are a notable option for online banking customers around the country. Superior bank customer service and a specialized set of online tools have driven new interest in Aurora Bank services.

Aurora Bank's CD services are particularly popular with online customers, and historically, their accounts have been priced very competitively with APY rates at or below the national average. Certificate of Deposit accounts are built to be as simple as possible for Aurora Bank customers, both in their terms and in their usage. APY rates are clearly set at the beginning of each account's term. Several CD lengths are available through Aurora Bank, with terms from six months to five years. Aurora requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 to open a CD account, which is relatively low compared to other online banks. Interest rates are compounded daily and posted monthly. To make their Certificates of Deposit easier to use, Aurora Bank provides account linking for all of its customers and offers automatic renewal for matured CD accounts. Aurora's customers sometimes cite its quality bank customer service, with 24/7 online account access and easy phone contact for all of its customers.

Other financial products from Aurora Bank include money market accounts, loans and mortgages, savings accounts, high-yield savings accounts and much more. Aurora is a full-service bank, although some of its services aren't designed for online customers. Aurora Bank mainly promotes its Certificate of Deposit accounts to its online customers.

Aurora Bank opened in 1921 under the name Delaware Savings and Loan Association, which was shortened to Delaware Savings Bank in 1988. The bank switched to its current name in 2009. Currently, Aurora Bank services are used by over 320,000 individuals and businesses, including many online customers. It's considered a mid-sized bank and has physical offices in several states. Its online account management tools have allowed for significant expansion in the last several years, particularly in CD accounts, money market accounts, and other highly competitive investment account markets. Aurora has a four-star rating from, an objective ranking website. The ranking indicates financial stability, an essential feature when choosing a bank for a Certificate of Deposit or other investment account. Accounts with Aurora are FDIC protected. High bank customer service ratings and competitive APY rates are significant factors in Aurora Bank's success and continue to drive new customers to the institution.

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