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The Ins and Outs of Bank of Internet Accounts

When the financial sphere began to recognize the cost saving benefits of eliminating overhead and increasing customer returns in the 90's, the Bank of Internet was ahead of the game. With company headquarters based out of San Diego, California, Bank of Internet accounts have been in full effect since the year 1999. The company today is a direct reflection of their mission to pass on their savings to their clients and customers, with a host of different bank account options designed with the needs and demands of today's consumer in mind.

Bank of Internet currently offers bank account options that focus on three key areas: higher deposit rates for consumers, fewer fees to pay and lower loan and interest rates. For more than ten years, they have crafted a customer experience that takes full advantage of these three key components without letting their solid commitment to customer service and satisfaction be put into jeopardy. The company website is broken down to cover three main areas of financial interest, that include personal banking solutions, home loans and even multi-family loans for apartment-style properties.

Bank of Internet Personal Banking

In the Bank of Internet personal banking options, bank account options include personal checking accounts, personal savings accounts, certificates of deposit and the capacity to remotely capture deposit options that mean customers can sit down at their home offices and scan checks and other items for easy, remote deposits. Not only is this option geared towards customer convenience, it is a service the company offers free of charge to all account holders. Furthermore, high interest checking accounts can not only take advantage of some of the most competitive APYs in the industry, but also up to $8.00 each month in ATM fee refunds!

Bank of Internet Home Loans

In addition to traditional checking and savings bank account options, Bank of Internet also offers a competitive selection of home loan services, ranging from those designed to purchase a new home or refinance an existing property. From one end of the nation to the other, Bank of Internet is working to educate homeowners and potential property purchasers regarding their options, best interests and the risks and drawbacks of the monumental decision to purchase a home in today's economy. There is even an entire section of the business devoted not to single-family home loans, but multi-family properties as well, indicating a deeper understanding of both the residential and commercial real estate markets of today.

All in all, Bank of Internet is on a mission to bring the comfort and convenience of remote, digital banking into the hands of everyday consumers all across the nation.

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