FNBO Bank, officially named FNBO Direct, is a direct online savings bank that offers additional banking services. FNBO bank accounts include Online Savings, Online BillPay, CDs and ExtraEarnings Visa credit card accounts. All consumers are eligible to open and maintain any of these accounts through the FNBO Direct online banking system.

About FNBO Bank

FNBO Direct is a division of First National Bank Omaha (FNBO), which, in turn, is a division of First National of Nebraska. As the name of the bank indicates, the headquarters is in Omaha, Nebraska. Additional branches of FNBO are located throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Texas.

First National Nebraska claims to be the largest privately owned bank in the United States, a title also claimed by Emigrant Bank in New York. First National of Nebraska has 6.6 million customers and 5,000 employees. Including affiliates, the bank has assets of over $17 billion.

History of FNBO Bank

The history of FNBO goes back to 1857 when Herman and Augustus Kountze opened Kountze Brothers Bank as Omaha's first bank. When the bank received a national charter in 1863, they brought in additional investors and began doing business as First National Bank of Omaha.

In the early 20th century, First National of Omaha grew nationally by marketing to women and staffing departments solely with women employees. The bank proved its strength during the great depression by being able to honor all withdrawal requests and remain viable.

First National expanded into credit card accounts in 1953 and has remained strong since then. In 2006, in order to reach out to more customers across the nation, FNBO embraced Internet technology by opening FNBO Direct. The following year, a nationwide advertising campaign promoted FNBO banking services.

FNBO Bank Accounts

The flagship account at FNBO Direct is their Online Savings Account. Prospective customers can open an account with only a $1.00 initial deposit. The account has no monthly fees and no minimum balance. In addition, FNBO advertises interest rates five times higher than those of traditional savings accounts.

FNBO savings accounts include online banking and mobile banking. Mobile banking services include Popmoney, which is an application that allows account holders to send money to anyone with an email address. Recipients complete the transfer by simply inputting the routing number and bank account of their bank.

Instead of offering a checking account, FNBO offers an Online BillPay account, which is like a checking account but without the checks. The account includes an FNBO Direct Visa Check Card.

FNBO Direct is a subsidiary of one of the strongest banks in the nation. Direct bank savings accounts, BillPay accounts and credit card accounts are available to consumers throughout the United States.

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