Giant Bank

Giant Bank is one of the oldest online banking businesses in the United States. This FDIC-insured bank has been around since 1999, providing a range of Giant Bank accounts for the average consumer. Landmark Bank, N.A., a community bank located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is the parent company of Giant Bank.

Landmark Bank specifically chartered Giant Bank to carry out the online banking functions of the company. This backing gives Giant Bank over 100 years of experience in the banking industry and over a decade in the Internet banking industry.

The mission of Giant Bank is to provide every individual in the United States with an online banking account. Giant Bank claims they pass down the low overhead that comes with running a virtual bank directly to the account holders via competitive interest rates and fees.

Giant Bank Accounts

Giant bank accounts have a reputation for their high interest rates, especially on money market and CD accounts. However, their checking accounts also earn interest.


It is possible to open a Giant Personal Checking Account with a $100 minimum deposit, but only accounts with a balance of $1,000 or more earn interest. Giant bank mails out statements to account holders each month, but statements are also viewable online for 12 months. Account holders can transfer funds between accounts online and can pay bills through the online bill payment system.

When a customer opens a new account, Giant Bank provides the account holder with free checks, and the bank does not have a monthly service charge. Deposits can be made through direct deposits or with the free pre-paid deposit envelopes the bank provides upon request.

Money Market

Giant Bank money market accounts earn customers greater interest than the traditional savings accounts at other banks. Those seeking to open a money market account can do so with a $1,000 minimum deposit. New account holders receive free checks for Giant Bank money market accounts. The bank does not charge a monthly fee and compounds interest on a daily basis.

Certificates of Deposit

Customers can open a CD account with Giant Bank with a $2,500 minimum deposit. The bank lowers this minimum to $1,000 for an IRA and to $500 for a Coverdell Education Savings Account. Those who open a CD have seven options for the maturity term, from 91 days to five years. Additionally, a customer can roll over the CD into a new term and have the interest deposited directly into a customer's Giant Bank checking account.

Giant Bank has been at the online banking game longer than most other online banks. Their rates are competitive and their bank account options are numerous.

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