Goldwater Bank

Goldwater Bank is a small bank located in Scottsdale, Ariz. The bank has exactly one branch location on the second floor above a P.F. Chang's restaurant. Nearly all Goldwater Bank services are accessible through online banking and mobile banking. Personal bank account options offered by Goldwater Bank include savings, checking, CDs and credit cards. Business banking, personal lending and business loans are also available through Goldwater Bank.

About Goldwater Bank

Goldwater Bank is a new community bank that opened in Scottsdale, Ariz., in April 2007. The founding management team developed this locally-owned and operated bank around a concept they called Lifestyle Banking. The basis of the concept is customizing services to meet each customer's needs.

Because Goldwater Bank services are customizable, several bank account options are available. Additionally, Goldwater Bank puts an emphasis on customer comfort and luxury. The bank provides high-quality customer service in an effort to build lifelong banking relationships. All of these factors are evident in the furnishings and comfortable environment established in the main branch. The bank not only employs a private, on-call courier service, but has in-house private concierges as well.

The on-call courier service allows clients to do business with the bank that would normally require visiting the branch in-person. The concierges help customers with any type of personal requests necessary, including restaurant reservations, reserving tickets to special events and arranging for travel.

The courier service and concierge service are part of what the bank calls its Five C's of common sense, courtesy, customization, concierge and courier services.

Goldwater Bank Account Options

Goldwater Bank services begin with the standard savings account. A customer can open a savings account at the bank with a minimum deposit of $100. If the average balance of the account is below $100 at the end of a quarter, the bank charges a $5 fee for that quarter. Savings account transactions are limited in number.

The newest of Goldwater's bank account options is the personal checking account. Checking accounts come with a free debit card, options for direct deposit and overdraft protection. Checking accounts can only be opened in-person with a $100 minimum deposit. If the average account balance is below $100 at the end of a month, the bank charges a $10 fee for that month. A balance of $100 is also required to earn interest on a checking account.

Certificates of Deposit are available at Goldwater Bank on eight different tiers based on maturity. The minimum term is 90 days, and the maximum term is five years.

Goldwater Bank is a young bank, but one that respects its customers and tries to provide luxury services unobtainable by regular customers at other banks.

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