Harris Bank

Harris Bank has been with the United States for a very long time and continues to offer unique and personalized service to customers. Harris Bank originally started in 1882 as a bond broker in Chicago, Illinois. Harris made the transition to the banking field in 1907 when the Harris Trust and Savings Bank was established in Chicago. Harris Bank accounts have been offered in Chicago for over 100 years and Harris has done a great deal for its accountholders over the years. Bank customer service has been of the highest quality since the founding of Harris Bank because they understand that the customer is what keeps the banks running and will provide services that customers want.

Harris Bank is a Midwest bank that has quite the history in Chicago and the rest of the Midwest. Some big events have happened that have shaped Harris into the world class bank that it is today. After the establishment of Harris Trust and Savings Bank in 1907, they served the Chicago area and eventually merged with Chicago National Bank in 1960. Another big event that happened in the history of Harris Bank took place in 1984 when the Bank of Montreal bought Harris Bank, making it a subsidiary. Harris Bank remains a subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal and also remains the third-largest Chicago bank. Harris offers services primarily in Illinois, but also in Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Harris Bank accounts come with services that not all customers may be aware of. Bank customer service can include a number of things that are offered by this company to help a person manage finances instead of just providing an account. Harris Bank offers wealth management services, personal financial services, middle market banking, and small business banking. Harris Bank also offers services like investment banking and equipment leasing. There are many options for customers to choose from if they need any sort of financial services in the Midwest. Personal financial services and wealth management are very popular options for people looking to put their money to work.

Harris Bank accounts have been a top choice for Midwest banking for over 100 years. The company has seen Chicago and the surrounding area through the Great Depression and everything since. Harris Bank is dedicated to providing the best bank customer service available to help customers get everything they need and want from their bank. Hubert the Lion, the bank mascot, has been representing Harris for years, in the same way that Harris Bank has been representing Chicago and the Midwest. The service of Harris Bank is unrivaled in the Midwest, especially in the Chicago area. Harris has all the options customers want from their local bank.

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