NOVA Bank is a large FDIC insured bank that has been in existence for over 120 years. Consumers and business owners hold NOVA Bank accounts in both the State of Pennsylvania and State of New Jersey. NOVA Bank offers both traditional banking services and investment, retirement and estate planning services as well. NOVA Bank has four branches in Philadelphia County, two branches in Montgomery County, two branches located in Chester County and two branches in New Jersey.

NOVA Bank offers personal, business, financial planning and capital management services to business owners and individuals located in Philadelphia or New Jersey. In addition to traditional consumer and banking products and services, NOVA Bank also provides many other services, including financial and life management services, brokerage services, insurance, financial planning, estate planning, retirement services and many other services.

Business owners that conduct business in either Philadelphia or New Jersey can open one or more NOVA Bank accounts and choose from a large selection of banking services. Business owners can apply for one or more NOVA Bank accounts, including a business credit card and apply for business loans, Term Loans, Lines of Credits, Commercial Mortgages and Equipment Leasing. Business owners can take advantage of capital management services and additional online business banking services provided by NOVA Bank as well. In addition, business owners can choose from a large selection of other business-related services, including direct deposit, merchant services, business overdraft protection plans, wire transfers and many other options.

Business owners can also open one or more business checking account with NOVA Bank. NOVA Bank offers a Basic Business, Business, Interest Business, Analyzed Business and Not-for-Profit Business checking accounts. In addition, NOVA Bank also offers several business savings account options, including a Business Statement Savings and Business Money Market Account.

Consumers can choose from a large selection of personal NOVA Bank accounts, including checking accounts, certificate of deposits, credit cards and loans. Consumers interested in opening one or more NOVA Bank accounts can choose from basic, regular, interest and a no fee interest checking accounts. In addition, consumers can open a Statement Savings, Money Market Savings and Coverdell Education Savings Account as well. Consumers can also apply for credit cards, car loans, home equity loans, home equity lines of credit and mortgages.

NOVA Bank provides a host of other services to both consumers and business owners, including but not limited to online banking, bill pay, overdraft protection and lines of credit, direct deposit, money transfers to friends and family and combined statement options. To learn more about each of NOVA Bank's products and financial planning services, individuals and business owners can visit NOVA Bank's website.

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