PNC Bank

PNC Bank has been offering PNC Bank accounts for over 150 years. PNC Bank is one of the biggest banks in the United States. PNC Bank offers several FDIC Insured bank account options to individuals, small business owners, corporations and large organizations. In addition to serving consumers and small business owners, PNC provides services to many big Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries.

PNC offers a full-range of bank account options and services, including retail banking, asset and investment management services, trust and estate services and many other services. Consumers who open PNC Bank accounts will have access to the Virtual Wallet and online banking. The virtual wallet helps consumers manage their money. In addition, consumers can choose from one or more personal PNC Bank accounts, including a Performance Checking Account, Performance Select and Free checking Account. Several benefits are featured, including but not limited to no monthly or ATM transaction fees and unlimited checks.

Consumers can also open savings PNC Bank accounts as well. Individuals can open a Statement Savings Account, Premium Money Market Account, Savings Max, Certificate of Deposit, IRAs and Health Savings Account. Individuals can also apply for loans, including mortgages, auto loans and lines of credit as well. Individuals who need to apply for a home equity loan can apply for either a Choice of Home Equity Line of Credit or a Home Equity Installment Loan.

Small business owners have several bank account options. Business owners can choose from both business checking and savings PNC Bank accounts. Small business owners can open a regular business checking account, free business checking accounts, Business Basic Checking Accounts, Business Enterprise Checking accounts and Analysis Business Checking Accounts as well. PNC Bank offers many other account options as well. PNC also offers several business savings accounts, including a Money Market Demand Account, Sweep Account and Certificates of Deposit.

Business owners that need to apply for a business loan and credit have several options, including lines of credit, loans, SBA Financing and credit cards. Small business owners can apply for Choice Credit, Business Equity Line of Credit and Secured Line of Credit. Small business owners can also apply for Term Loans, Business Equity Installment Loans, Secured Term Loans and Investment Term Loans. Small business owners can also apply for SBA Loans, credit cards, commercial mortgages and business vehicle loans as well.

PNC Bank offers a full range of banking options to individuals, small business owners and Fortune 500 companies. Individuals, small business owners, corporations and organizations across the country rely on PNC for all of their banking needs. Information on PNC Bank can be obtained by visiting their website online.

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