Virtual Bank

Ever since the Internet became easy enough for the majority of people to use, commercial concerns, including financial institutions, have been searching for ways to utilize it to the benefit of both themselves and their customers. Probably the most valuable services offered online today are shopping and online banking. Between those, the variety of Virtual Bank services available is one of the more successful examples.

The Virtual Bank, based out of Palm Beach Florida, is a true child of technology. It operates totally and completely from the World Wide Web and offers no bricks-and-mortar building, no set hours of operation, or even a friendly drive-through teller for you to pass the time of day with. Instead, Virtual Bank offers all of the services that you need and expect from a financial institution but none of the fluff.

By doing away with the huge overhead that many banks operate under due to having branches that you can walk into along with a host of personnel, Virtual Bank has found a way to make banking extremely convenient for customers as well as less expensive.

The benefit to you, the customer, includes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to your money and the Virtual Bank services via ATMs, telephones and the Internet. Virtual Bank customers receive higher interest rates paid to savings and checking accounts, lower fees deducted for the services, and smaller interest rates charged for loans.

While Virtual Bank does not offer big fancy buildings that you can visit, it does offer all of the services that every other bank has including checking and savings accounts, money market accounts, certificate of deposits and home and business loans. All are offered at below market cost due to much lower overhead.

It seems the only thing missing from Virtual Bank services is a friendly teller to pass the time of day with. Virtual Bank, though, did not forget that sometimes a friendly face and voice are just as important as low cost. When you open an account, you also get a personal banker.

Your personal banker will be the one person, who is responsible for your account, answers your questions, and takes care of any problems. Unlike impersonal branch bank tellers, your personal banker quickly gets to know you and your individual needs and develops a unique perspective to help you manage your money.

Virtual Bank services go above and beyond the typical online banking experience. With no branch overhead; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access; and, a personal banker to help you with all of your banking needs, Virtual Bank is the bank of the future, today.

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