Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo banking services are custom built to accommodate the financial needs of its clients. The bank, in service since 1852, has actively sought to provide customers with personal and business financial support. The banking services offered by Wells Fargo include access to expert financial advisors who can help clients make assumptions become reality.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo banking covers about all of North America and has assumed a healthy international presence. The company's diversified financial services include banking, insurance, mortgage making, investments and consumer finance. All these services are available through more than 11,000 local banks, the rapidly growing internet banking networks and other distribution outlets.

Wells Fargo officials recognized early on that success for their overall business depended on the efforts made by their local banks. They decentralized the operation, making every Wells Fargo bank responsible for its own success. The accumulated assets gathered by the company's separate entities total more than $1.3 trillion. That level of financial worth proves the Wells Fargo system works. It has also catapulted the company into an important leadership role in international banking. Count on that to continue based on the bank's stated goal of meeting clients' financial needs, while holding status as the number one banking services provider in its market areas.

A major part of Wells Fargo's success centers on providing mortgages for home buying customers. The company's rates are highly competitive within the industry. Clients can conduct business with a local mortgage specialist. They can also work online with a Wells Fargo agent or have a mortgage expert give them a call. Home buyers can schedule mortgage payments to be automatically withdrawn from their personal accounts. The company advises that potential home owners apply for pre-approved mortgages by their Wells Fargo bank. That can add to their buying advantage if a seller is anxious to complete the transaction and might accept a ready-made lower offer. It also shows a realtor that the buyer is serious about finding a good investment.

Wells Fargo's array of financial services comes in various forms that are designed to readily identify their particular specialty. The company also offers its financial expertise using subsidiaries that are in various enterprises, including wholesale banking, mortgage banking, consumer finance, equipment leasing and several other business areas.

For Wells Fargo's customers, the bottom line is simply defined; the bank offers financial solutions that work for any number of issues. Clients can always count on the bank's employees and advisors to help produce satisfactory conclusions for even the most complex financial issues. Wells Fargo's local offices and subsidiaries are more than just banks. They are community assets.

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