WT Direct Bank

WT Direct Bank is an industry leader in banking and financial services. Founded in 1903, the bank was formerly known as Wilmington Trust Company. In 2006, WT Direct Bank was introduced as a division of Wilmington Trust FSB. Its parent company, Wilmington Trust, is publicly held and traded on the New York Stock Exchange. With superior bank customer service, they offer a full range of WT Direct Bank options. This includes high yield savings accounts, top APY rates, and several options for transferring money. All WT Direct Bank accounts are also FDIC insured, and offer the best savings rates on the market today.

WT Direct Bank offers flexible services for existing and new customers. With WT Direct Bank options, you have an array of choices to select from. As part of the banks extensive product and service list, you can apply for a checking or savings account online. This is a convenient way to secure an account, while avoiding long lines at the bank. For high yield savings accounts, you need a minimum balance of $10,000, 60 days after opening your account. You can access all savings and APY rates directly from their website. A bank account can also be opened with just one dollar. However, your balance must meet $10,000 within the sixty-day period, or your APY rate will drop.

With any bank, money transfers play an integral part of daily transactions. WT Direct Bank offers online access to your accounts 24/7. This is a great way to transfer money between WT accounts, as well as set up recurring or one time transfers. For direct deposits, you will have to fill out and submit a few forms. These forms can be accessed online, and are easy to access and print. Once the forms are submitted, your account will be setup to accept wire transfers and directly deposit funds. With wire transfers, the money is immediately available with zero to no downtime. You can also access funds by having the bank send you a treasurer's check. With so many options available, WT Direct Bank is the financial choice for countless customers.

WT Direct Bank also allows customers to transfer funds to and from outside accounts. This is especially great for high interest savings accounts, which can earn interest on high volume transfers and deposits. Customers, however, are limited to six withdrawals in any given month. They can still transfer up to $500,000 in a thirty-day period, which is higher than other yield savings accounts. With flexible hours, patrons also have access to online and physical bank customer service. So whether it's opening accounts or managing existing ones, TD Direct Bank offers timely and exceptional services.

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