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If you are among the majority of credit card users and are interested in seeing what your financial situation may be, in the most recent statistics you will find that credit card rates are at their highest in almost a decade. This is no reason for panic. Because every case involving the use of credit cards is unique, it does not necessarily mean that you need to give up your credit card altogether or that maintaining it is now less affordable. Instead, it is simply a reason to be reminded that spending with a credit card is a last resort involving money you do not have, to use greater care in how you spend (using means other than your credit card whenever possible), and to be aware of how you are protected by federal law. Regardless of your spending history, the law now limits the conditions under which card issuers may raise their customers' interest rates and allows you to know well ahead of time about possible changes to your fees or rates.

If you are applying for a credit card for the first time, you are well advised to check your credit score, which you can do for free once annually, and to find deals on credit cards that you think may work the best for your situation. Many deals on credit cards make provisions for any type of credit or no credit at all, and there are hundreds that you can research online. You may prefer a credit card that has a fixed interest rate in case you are concerned that you will otherwise fall victim to what is happening to credit card rates corporately. In order to help you save when opening a new credit card, issuers often allow you to use your new card for one year or longer at an annual percentage rate of zero. Only you, with the help of card issuers, can determine whether these or other benefits will do the most to keep you financially stable during times when you need to watch your budget closely.

Credit cards are ideally for emergencies, not frivolous spending; every transaction that you make by this means only puts you in debt, something that you will want to repay as soon as possible. You may choose to apply for a credit card and only put charges on it when absolutely necessary. If you believe that you can handle the advantages and disadvantages that come with your credit card, you are encouraged to look into reliable sources that give you all the information you need. Do not hesitate to ask for help at any time by contacting professionals who can address your questions and concerns.